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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hereward Sports Students visit St. George's Park

The sports department were asked to go to St George’s Park because we were the 100th college to sign up to team 19 and we were awarded a plaque and a wall banner.At the St George’s Park there are over 24 England teams which train at this venue and the referees do all their fitness testing.

We were given a tour around the facilities and started off in reception where they have 150 mannequins to represent each year of the football association. We were shown the Sir Alf Ramsey pitch which cost 1 million pounds; this pitched is clean everyday by the grounds men to keep it in good condition. There are 300 tyres which go into making that football pitch. All the facilities at venue are rented out this pitch costs £300 an hour.

 A championship football match could take place on that pitch and a small international friendly. There is also a 60 meter running track next to the pitch and these records all the data of people participating can see if they are carrying any injuries and to see where they can improve on.
We were shown the Wembley replica pitch which is made up of 97% of natural grass and 3% of fake grass. The men’s national England football team train on this pitch. Burton Albion and Nott’s County often use these facilities to train and prepare for match day.

Some of the students ran up the hill where the England team have to run up and pass the fitness test. “This was a very challenging hill to run up at pace“ said Matt, student at Hereward College.

We saw the 1966 England football kit which was worn in the world cup final, also we saw a famous wall where players had signed and we had to discuss who signature was who’s.
We were taken into the boot room where all the boots are hanged up for the players. We found out that Steven Gerard cleans his own boots unlike most of the other footballers. 

We had a question and answer session with some of the coaches about what you have to do to work in the sport industry most students felt this was really helpful and are now looking into all the different work in the sport industry.

Later on in the afternoon we were playing football on the David Beckham pitch with a coach and we were learning all different skills such as turning with the ball, shooting, passing and commutating with each other. Shiv, another student, said: "I really enjoyed the numbers game where you had to go on and take on your mates.”

After our first training session was over we were presented with an award of being the 100th college to sign up to Team 19 and our principal Sheila Fleming came and collected the award on before of the college. We were very pleased to be the 100th college as we felt it was a special number.
Just before we returned from the trip we were playing small sided games against each other and the coaches joined in.

“Everyone really enjoyed themselves and look forward to further outings in the commutating.
The day was an excellent opportunity for the students of Hereward College to experience the brand new FA facility. Team 19 has allowed Football at Hereward to expand and develop. following this amazing trip, we hope the numbers taking part in Football will increase further at Hereward.

During the day, our students were also able to quiz staff members at St George's Park and hopefully consider routes into Sport for themselves after College life. The day concluded with a high quality coaching session and a chance for our students to show off their skills.” said  Mark Hardin, Sports Department Leader at Herewar.
Sheila Fleming, the college's Principal said:  “The students seemed to really enjoy the day and were very enthusiastic about playing football and enjoying the facilities - at times I thought we'd struggle to get everyone off the pitch to go home!

I would also say the Team 19 staff were also very committed and enthusiastic about the visit and were really keen to celebrate Hereward being the 100th college to join the project.”

By Matt Jarvis & Luke Glover
Sports Blog Reporters

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


There were three teams attending this football event which were Hereward United, Hereward Rovers and Hereward Girls. We managed to have a word with the members of staff and the captains before they started playing.

Kristy Payne (Manager of Girls Team) - “Girls to get together on a visit and put some of the skills they have learnt into a competitive environment”.

Simon Hammonds (Manger of Rovers) - “Looking to play attractive football for everyone to enjoy it and participate.

Matt (Captain) “It looks a good playing surface and the lads are ready for the challenge”.

Hereward Rovers 0 vs. Stafford 1
The game started off at a slow pace and the first sniff on goal was by Hereward but JT shot wide. Just before halftime Stafford opened the scoring by a defensive error which they slipped through Christan Legs. In the second half Hereward could not find that break through so they last the opening game 1-0 Neil.

Hereward Rovers 2 vs. Henley 3

Henley took an early lead by a well taken goal and soon doubled their lead. Alex then hit a shot over the bar. Hereward were rewarded with their persistent because they scored from the penalty spot after Alex was fouled. Straight after the restart Hereward managed to draw the game level by a well taken goal by Alex. Henley then through a sucker punch at their end to win a pulsating game against their rivals.

Hereward Rovers 2 vs. Hereward United 1

Alex opened the scoring for the Rovers with a calm finish and then Simon plays through Alex again to double the lead with a smart finish to bottom left hand corner of the goal. United managed to pull a goal back through Ryan that Jake had set up. Rovers managed to win their first game of the tournament.

Hereward Rovers 1 vs. TCAT 1

The game started off slowly but Christan made a good save to deny TCAT the opening goal. Hereward had a goal disallowed for the player being in the area when taking the shot. TCAT opened the scoring lobbing Christan from long range. JT played a lovely through ball for Alex to run on and convert and score in the right hand corner of the goal.

Hereward United 2 vs. Henley 1

Henley started the game the brighter and had a shot turned around the post by Matt. Jake volleyed in form 10 yards to give Hereward the lead. Ryan shoot wide from the edge of the area. Henley ripped apart the united defence to fire past Matt with an unstoppable goal. Jake scored in the last few seconds to win the game and managed to beat the rivals. Blaine lost hearing aid throughout the match and all the players had to find it.

Hereward Rovers 0 vs. Sandwell 1

Hereward started brightly and Asif had a shot tipped over. The rest of the match was very scrappy and Sandwell score a simple tap in to win the game.

Hereward United 1 vs. Birmingham MET 1

Hereward had the first chance of the game Ryan had his shot smothered by the keeper. Jake hit the inside of the post trickled across the line. Ryan then conceded a penalty for running in his own area. Nick nutmeg the keeper from just outside the box to equalise the game for Hereward.

Hereward United 3 vs. Hereford 0

Blaine had transferred to Hereford for this game; Ryan managed to finish cooley past the keeper when he was played through by Jake. Blaine then scored an own goal for Hereward by tapping it past his own keeper. In the last minute of the game Hereward were awarded a penalty for a foul on Ryan. Ryan then scored the penalty to make it a easy victory for United.

Birmingham MET 0 vs. Hereward Rovers 1

Alex opened the scoring from a long ball over the top of the MET defence and slotted it in the corner. Hereward had a goal disallowed not sure why because a MET played passed into his own net.

TCAT 0 vs. Hereward United 1

Jake Cooper hit the post twice in quick succession just as the game looked to be ending in a draw and then Jack hit a long range shot and nestled in the bottom corner to give Hereward a very late win.

Hereward United 1 vs. Stafford 0
Clint got knocked over by a Stafford player from the resulting free kick Clint played the ball to Ryan and smacked a shot to the left hand corner of the goal. Matt made a good save by smothering shot from the Stafford players.

Hereward United 1 vs. Sandwell 0

Jake made a cross and Ryan scored from a tap in from the edge of the box. Hereward managed to see the game out and end the day with a well deserved win.

Hereward Girls

The girls first took part in a training session with other colleges learning new skills and going to a competition for the first time. They played one game against Hereford which they managed to win 2-0 Neil.

It was an open game and Lisa opened the scoring from inside the box from a Shiv cross. Shiv then had a shot saved by the Hereford keeper, Narinda played in Lisa who took a quick shot and hit the inside of the post , but Lisa did managed to get a second goal from 5 yards out.

Shiv- “ really pleased with the girls performance but would of like to have played more games. Woman of the match went to Narinda.”

Matt A- “ lads worked hard and had a fun day." Man of the match went to Ryan.

Matt N- “Great day really enjoyed it” Man of the match went to Asif.

Simon Hammonds (Manger of Rovers) “performed very well in every game but did not get the rub of the green but pleased his team managed to beat Mark team.

Mark Harding (Manager of United Team) I thought the day was an excellent opportunity for our teams. It was especially pleasing to see the girls take part for the first time. The students represented the College really well and we look forward to the next round of fixtures.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Men’s ability counts football league

The event was the ability counts football league at Sutton Coldfield football club it was a 3G pitch the team played on. This event took place because the Hereward College football team play in the ability counts football league every year. To start the event the team got together for a team warm up before the matches started.

 Match 1 Hereward Collage vs Stafford Collage   

The first real chance of the game came when JT crossed the ball to Ryan but the Stafford goalkeeper make a fantastic save form Ryan’s right footed shot. Hassan then played a long ball up front to Ryan who finished the move of with the first goal of the game to make it Hereward 1 Stafford 0. The second goal of the game came when Hassan again played Ryan though who finished off the move to get his second goal of the game. The third goal of the game came when Alex Chamberlin played a lovely one to with Jack Reeve and Jack finished of the move with a low drive into the bottom left hand corner.
The first game ended Hereward College 3 Stafford College 0

 Match 2 Hereward Collage vs Henley Collage
The first goal game came 2 minutes into the match when Alex made a fantastic challenge on a Henley player and broke though one on one with the Henley keeper and Alex finished it coolly. The second goal of the game came for Henley when they counter attacked and scored a great goal. The third goal of the game came from the restart as Henley broke forward and scored to make it Henley 2 Hereward 1.
The second game finished Henley Collage 2 Hereward College 1

Match 3 Hereward Collage vs Sandwell Collage
The first really good chance of the game came when JT put a fantastic ball across to Jake Cooper but the keeper was equal to Jakes shot. The first goal of the game came for Sandwell when they counter attacked and scored a great goal. The second goal of the game came for Hereward when Jake broke forward a scored a great goal form 15 yards out of his right foot. The third goal of the game came when Alex Chamberlin broke forward and he scored a fantastic right footed goal from 20 yards out.
The third game finished Hereward College 2 Sandwell 1

Match 4 Hereward College vs Birmingham Met
The first chance of the game came when Jack Reeve broke forward and crossed for Alex to hit it with his right foot his fantastic shot beat the keeper but hit the post. The second really good chance of the game came when JT got played though by Jake Cooper but JT could not finish of the move with a goal. The final really good chance of the game came when Jakes fantastic left footed strike just went wide.
The fourth game finished Hereward College 0 Birmingham Met 0

Match five Hereward Collage vs Hereford Collage
The first chance of the game when Alex Chamberlin broke forward but the Hereford keeper was equal to Alex’s strike. The second chance of the game came when Alex played a lovely thought ball to Ryan and his right footed strike when just wide of the post. The third chance of the game came when Alex put in a lovely cross into the box but JT could not connect with the cross. The first goal of the game came when Hereford Collage broke forward a scored a great left footed goal past Matthew Arnold in the Hereward goal.
The fifth game finished Hereward College 0 Hereford College 1

Match six Hereward Collage vs T.Cat
The final game of the game was against T.Cat the first chance of the game came when T.Cat broke forward and Matthew Arnold made a fantastic save in the Hereward goal. The second chance of the game came when Jake Cooper played though JT though but JT’s fantastic strike was saved by the Hereford goal keeper. The third chance of the game came when Matty Arnold saved a lovely 25 yard strike from the T.Cat striker .The first goal of the game came when Alex Chamberlin played Ryan though clean on goal and Ryan coolly finished of the move with a goal.

 The final game of the day finished Hereward Collage 1 T.Cat 0
After the matches I spoke to the manager of the Hereward College football team Mark Harding and this is what he said: I thought it went really well today because it was a really cold day and the team did really well to cope with the weather conditions.
Man of the match Ryan Williams (right) with Jake Cooper Ryan
I also spoke to the assistant manager of the Hereward College football team Simon Hammond’s and this is what he said: Today we had quite a few new players in the squad and I thought that they settled in well and had some really good performances.

Congratulations to Ryan Williams who won man of the match.

By Luke Glover
Sports Blog Reporter 

Saturday, 26 January 2013


On the 14th January our Boccia team was selected to play at this event and they were competing against other schools and colleges. In the Boccia team we had Cameron Wood, Jake Hay, Jake Leonard, and Azzem Mohammed. In our pool as there were 3 different leagues Hereward College played 6 games. Hereward came in 1st place in their league and all the players received a medal and a certificate.

Game 1: Hereward vs. Brooke3

In this game Hereward came up against a strong Brooke team and lost their opening game by 5-1 but their form improved in their next games as they then went through and won all the remaining matches which they played in.

Game 2: Hereward vs. Sherbourne 2

In this game Hereward wanted to bounce back from their disappointing defeat of their opening game and managed to win this match 3-0 Neil and they were playing with confidence as this was shown in later games.

Game 3: Hereward vs. Bagington 1

In this match Hereward started brightly and managed to win the first set 1=0 Neil, so when they were playing the second set this made it a very interesting game and they managed to draw the second set 1-1. But this meant Hereward won the game 2-1.

Half way through the tournament I managed to have a quick word with the captain Jake Hay “he said that the team had started off slowly but gradually improved.

Game 4: Hereward vs. Round Oak Rollers

In this match the performance from Hereward swept their opposition away and they comfortably managed to win 10-0 over the both sets. After that match I managed to speak to Cameron and he had this to say “What an excellent game and he was pleased with the way the team had performed.

Game 5: Hereward vs. Round Oak Owens

After their previous performance Hereward carried on and managed to beat the opposition 6-0. I then asked Jake about what he thought of the day and he said “ that it was a brilliant team building exercise.

Game 6: Hereward vs Merestone 1

In Hereward last match they managed to repeat the same fate they had in the last game and managed to win by 6-0 . After this tournament I managed to have a quick word with Nigel Bird and he said “ Sports Leaders and referees how pleased they were with their officiating and also was pleased with the result for the Hereward Boccia team

The captain Jake Hay then awarded the man of the tournament to Jake Leonard so Well Done JAKE!!!

By Matt Jarvis
Blog Sports Reporter

Friday, 18 January 2013

Xcel Centre in Coventry

On the 5th of December 2012 a group of sports leaders went along to assist CPC sport with the event for cerebral palsy. We arrived at the Xcel centre around 9.50am. Once the sports leaders had settled into the centre they were shown the sports that had been set up for the event in which they would be helping with and they were bocha, bocha skills and new age curling.

Once the schools had started to arrive the leaders were split into groups of three and had one school for each group. The schools were Sherburne fields, Merstone Brooke and Round Oak Brooke. Unfortunately Merstone Brooke never arrived at the event. Because Round Oak Brooke was a big group so they were split into two smaller groups. Once the event got under way everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. All the groups had the chance at all three events that were set out. At 11 am the groups were swapped onto another activity, before each activity started, the sports leaders explained what the activities were and how to play each one.

The bocha skills were split in to 4 smaller activities. Each one was to focus on a part of bocha. Most of the students that were there seemed to enjoy that more than the new age curling because they could focus on smaller activity.

At 12.30 everyone returned for the athletic event. Everyone was split into groups so everyone got a go on all six activities. There was Javelin, speed bounce, shuttle run, standing long jump, shot and endurance run. As the athletics went on the students got more in to the sports. Once the event was over everyone was told whether they were in first, second or third place. The sports leaders came third, Sherburne Fields came second and Round Oak Brooke came in first. Overall everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

By Aderlaide Beattie

Celebrating Success - December

·         12 students had a practical and formal interview with Sports for All with a view to providing coaching support for the company.  The company is headed by Chuck Eribyn who has visited the college on several occasions and formally interviewed students across 3 different departments for work.  The work has been jointly organised by subject leaders and Tilly.
·         A Successful partnership with Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey has developed over recent weeks.  The Blaze have provided formal coaching and development sessions for sports students and are due to benefit from a visit to the sky dome arena to experience a variety of opportunities.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Interview with Mark Harding - Physical Education Subject Leader

Mark (Left) and Edward Timpson MP
Mark Harding is the subject leader for Physical Education at Hereward College. His favorite sport is football, running and swimming. His hobbies include running a local football team and swimming. 

Last week Martin Berisford, student and blog reporter at Hereward College, sat down with Mark for an interview and found out a bit about himself and his work.
MB What would you say are your hobbies outside of work?
MH - My hobbies outside of work include running a local football team at the weekend whilst during the weekdays I like to do a lot of swimming and also some running. I am self-confessed sports-a-holic!

MB - How did you end up teaching Sports?
MH - Well, first of all, I wasn’t always a sports fanatic! Back when I was younger I was actually very good at maths and so I was a trainee accountant for a while but I found that I didn’t like being behind a desk and I wanted to become a bit more active so I went and took a Sports Science degree.
After taking a few months off to look at what I wanted to do, I saw an advert in the paper for Hereward and even though at the time, I didn’t have any experience in disabilities, I went for the job. Luckily enough, I got the job and Hereward said they would support me in getting a teaching qualification. I never thought that I would end up teaching people with disabilities but luckily, it all fell together nicely and here I am today!

MB What is a typical day in your job like?
MH - A typical day in my job involves me managing student timetables to ensure they are where they are meant to be but also overseeing the staff and students of the Sports department. Also, I oversee all the extra-curricular activities that happen in the Sports department whilst ensuring that all external clients are happy when the college day ends.
But on top of all this, I actually continue to teach the students as well!

MB What do you like best about working at Hereward?
MH – I think that the best thing about working at Hereward is that all the students have great enthusiasm for their subject whilst the differences of students mean that his job is always changing. I am never bored of his job due to ever-changing nature of the job and what it involves.

MB What was it like running the half-marathon last year?
MH - The training for the half-marathon was hard, and it was also very lonely for myself. You have to start off doing say, 1 mile, 2 miles and build it up until you reach around 10-12 miles and you find that you are running for a long time and it gets very lonely out there. What I have done though is get a group of friends together and we have started a running club so that we can run together.
The students of Hereward were always motivating me! They were always asking how the training was going along and some of them actually came to help out at the half-marathon itself by being marshals or handing out water to the runners.

MB There has been many inspiring events occurring down in Sports, but which one would you say inspired you the most?
MH - That’s a hard one! There are actually a couple events that come to mind. We have close links to special schools so any events we do, we may have around six of these schools come to Hereward and they are all younger kids with different needs but they will all come in and attend events which are run by students for students. Overall, everyone taking part is enjoying it be it because they are looking to help their qualifications or just to help out.
Another one I’d talk about is the Calvert Trust trip where we take students to the Lake District. This trip is always a good one as it is taking students out of their comfort zones and letting them try new things away from what they are used to doing.

MB If you had to give a piece of advice to anyone, what would it be?
MH - If I had to give a piece of advice to anybody, it would be “Do not believe what anybody else says. If you want to do something, you do it and do not let anyone stop you”

MB Have you ever met any sports personalities? If so, who?
MH – I have been to some events but as of yet, I haven’t met any sports personalities.  
MB - We hope you meet some soon Mark!

MB If you had to choose, would you rather have a [healthy meal here] or a fast food meal after a hard day’s work?
MH - A healthy meal of course! I don’t do McDonalds or KFC anymore!

MB Who are your sports idols?
MH - Alan Shearer is one of my sports idols. I always looked up to him and wanted to copy his style of football when I was younger. 

MB Do you have any advice for people wanting to get into Sports/teaching?
MH - If I had any advice for people wanting to get into teaching, simply ensure that you do your basic training and that you have a basic knowledge of the subject you want to teach. Ensure that you get some work experience in the field you are looking to enter also and the more you see other people do it, the more you will learn from them.