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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Coventry Half Marathon

Coventry Half Marathon
The annual Coventry Half Marathon and mile event returned to the streets of Coventry 2nd October 2011. A group of students and staff from Hereward College volunteered to support the running of the water station in the Coventry Half Marathon. The students were required to set up the station and ensure that water was readily available for over 1700 runners. The student's task was made even more important due to the above average temperatures for the time of year. The students from Hereward College, all with learning and social /emotional difficulties showed excellent teamwork skills and were able to enthuse and motivate runners in addition to providing essential water. The college students are all studying sport qualifications and this is one of many events where they have volunteered and made a positive contribution within the local communities .
Team leader of PE at Hereward College Andrew
Commander said: "leadership and volunteering is a major part of the physical education department at Hereward College and is a great way of developing essential life and employabilty skills for young people".

The spirit of the day was encapsulated by the image at the side, were Hereward College sports lecturer Mark Harding who ran the half marathon, arrived at the water stadium. Mark was running in the event as a sponsor for MENCAP (Mental Handicap Association) and had the following to say
"The best thing of the event was seeing all the smiles on my student's faces whn I was passing through the water station . I appreciate their support and I am truly proud of their work".

The water station at Hawks end village was also supported by John Taffe (Volunteer Co-coordinator at Coventry city council) who supported various other volunteers from the local area including young people from the goodies in hoodies project and local children's home . John said "the students were a credit to themselves and the college, demonstrating excellent leadership, initiative, enthusiasm and commitment throughout the whole event"

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