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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tennis Outing at Warwick University

We were asked to go to Warwick University on the 19th October to go and take part in playing tennis and finding out how to play tennis in wheel chairs for ambulant students. We arrived at Warwick University at 11AM and we managed to have a quick tour around the tennis centre which linked into our course we are studying for BTEC Level 2. Every single student who went to this event was given a tennis coach trying to achieve L3 and they had to set out drills for us while being in a wheel chair.

This was quite simple like learning to drive around the cones while balancing a ball on your lap and then we managed to progress into working skills with another student and another coach. We also managed to meet someone famous from the Paralympic team from Spain and we watched him play a set against his tennis coach while he was telling us about all the different categories you can compete in.

After lunch we went back into our pairs and we managed to learn skills for tennis like serving correctly, rallying and the smash shot. This was all done by being in the wheel chair which made it challenging for students.

All the students have said they now understand how hard it is to play tennis while being in a wheel chair but we all had a great day and can’t wait to come back.

We also came out of the wheel chair and played some ambulant tennis where there was a little competition to finish of the day there were 2 tournaments going on and we were allocated a coach who we would play with. The winners of that competition were Matt Arnold and his coach and also Jon Dorringtion and JT.

Every student received a medal to take away from this great opportunity, we will look forward to further outings at the tennis centre.

By Matt Jarvis
Blog Sports Reporter

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