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Saturday, 26 January 2013


On the 14th January our Boccia team was selected to play at this event and they were competing against other schools and colleges. In the Boccia team we had Cameron Wood, Jake Hay, Jake Leonard, and Azzem Mohammed. In our pool as there were 3 different leagues Hereward College played 6 games. Hereward came in 1st place in their league and all the players received a medal and a certificate.

Game 1: Hereward vs. Brooke3

In this game Hereward came up against a strong Brooke team and lost their opening game by 5-1 but their form improved in their next games as they then went through and won all the remaining matches which they played in.

Game 2: Hereward vs. Sherbourne 2

In this game Hereward wanted to bounce back from their disappointing defeat of their opening game and managed to win this match 3-0 Neil and they were playing with confidence as this was shown in later games.

Game 3: Hereward vs. Bagington 1

In this match Hereward started brightly and managed to win the first set 1=0 Neil, so when they were playing the second set this made it a very interesting game and they managed to draw the second set 1-1. But this meant Hereward won the game 2-1.

Half way through the tournament I managed to have a quick word with the captain Jake Hay “he said that the team had started off slowly but gradually improved.

Game 4: Hereward vs. Round Oak Rollers

In this match the performance from Hereward swept their opposition away and they comfortably managed to win 10-0 over the both sets. After that match I managed to speak to Cameron and he had this to say “What an excellent game and he was pleased with the way the team had performed.

Game 5: Hereward vs. Round Oak Owens

After their previous performance Hereward carried on and managed to beat the opposition 6-0. I then asked Jake about what he thought of the day and he said “ that it was a brilliant team building exercise.

Game 6: Hereward vs Merestone 1

In Hereward last match they managed to repeat the same fate they had in the last game and managed to win by 6-0 . After this tournament I managed to have a quick word with Nigel Bird and he said “ Sports Leaders and referees how pleased they were with their officiating and also was pleased with the result for the Hereward Boccia team

The captain Jake Hay then awarded the man of the tournament to Jake Leonard so Well Done JAKE!!!

By Matt Jarvis
Blog Sports Reporter

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