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Friday, 18 January 2013

Xcel Centre in Coventry

On the 5th of December 2012 a group of sports leaders went along to assist CPC sport with the event for cerebral palsy. We arrived at the Xcel centre around 9.50am. Once the sports leaders had settled into the centre they were shown the sports that had been set up for the event in which they would be helping with and they were bocha, bocha skills and new age curling.

Once the schools had started to arrive the leaders were split into groups of three and had one school for each group. The schools were Sherburne fields, Merstone Brooke and Round Oak Brooke. Unfortunately Merstone Brooke never arrived at the event. Because Round Oak Brooke was a big group so they were split into two smaller groups. Once the event got under way everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. All the groups had the chance at all three events that were set out. At 11 am the groups were swapped onto another activity, before each activity started, the sports leaders explained what the activities were and how to play each one.

The bocha skills were split in to 4 smaller activities. Each one was to focus on a part of bocha. Most of the students that were there seemed to enjoy that more than the new age curling because they could focus on smaller activity.

At 12.30 everyone returned for the athletic event. Everyone was split into groups so everyone got a go on all six activities. There was Javelin, speed bounce, shuttle run, standing long jump, shot and endurance run. As the athletics went on the students got more in to the sports. Once the event was over everyone was told whether they were in first, second or third place. The sports leaders came third, Sherburne Fields came second and Round Oak Brooke came in first. Overall everyone seemed to enjoy the event.

By Aderlaide Beattie

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