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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Hereward Sports Students visit St. George's Park

The sports department were asked to go to St George’s Park because we were the 100th college to sign up to team 19 and we were awarded a plaque and a wall banner.At the St George’s Park there are over 24 England teams which train at this venue and the referees do all their fitness testing.

We were given a tour around the facilities and started off in reception where they have 150 mannequins to represent each year of the football association. We were shown the Sir Alf Ramsey pitch which cost 1 million pounds; this pitched is clean everyday by the grounds men to keep it in good condition. There are 300 tyres which go into making that football pitch. All the facilities at venue are rented out this pitch costs £300 an hour.

 A championship football match could take place on that pitch and a small international friendly. There is also a 60 meter running track next to the pitch and these records all the data of people participating can see if they are carrying any injuries and to see where they can improve on.
We were shown the Wembley replica pitch which is made up of 97% of natural grass and 3% of fake grass. The men’s national England football team train on this pitch. Burton Albion and Nott’s County often use these facilities to train and prepare for match day.

Some of the students ran up the hill where the England team have to run up and pass the fitness test. “This was a very challenging hill to run up at pace“ said Matt, student at Hereward College.

We saw the 1966 England football kit which was worn in the world cup final, also we saw a famous wall where players had signed and we had to discuss who signature was who’s.
We were taken into the boot room where all the boots are hanged up for the players. We found out that Steven Gerard cleans his own boots unlike most of the other footballers. 

We had a question and answer session with some of the coaches about what you have to do to work in the sport industry most students felt this was really helpful and are now looking into all the different work in the sport industry.

Later on in the afternoon we were playing football on the David Beckham pitch with a coach and we were learning all different skills such as turning with the ball, shooting, passing and commutating with each other. Shiv, another student, said: "I really enjoyed the numbers game where you had to go on and take on your mates.”

After our first training session was over we were presented with an award of being the 100th college to sign up to Team 19 and our principal Sheila Fleming came and collected the award on before of the college. We were very pleased to be the 100th college as we felt it was a special number.
Just before we returned from the trip we were playing small sided games against each other and the coaches joined in.

“Everyone really enjoyed themselves and look forward to further outings in the commutating.
The day was an excellent opportunity for the students of Hereward College to experience the brand new FA facility. Team 19 has allowed Football at Hereward to expand and develop. following this amazing trip, we hope the numbers taking part in Football will increase further at Hereward.

During the day, our students were also able to quiz staff members at St George's Park and hopefully consider routes into Sport for themselves after College life. The day concluded with a high quality coaching session and a chance for our students to show off their skills.” said  Mark Hardin, Sports Department Leader at Herewar.
Sheila Fleming, the college's Principal said:  “The students seemed to really enjoy the day and were very enthusiastic about playing football and enjoying the facilities - at times I thought we'd struggle to get everyone off the pitch to go home!

I would also say the Team 19 staff were also very committed and enthusiastic about the visit and were really keen to celebrate Hereward being the 100th college to join the project.”

By Matt Jarvis & Luke Glover
Sports Blog Reporters

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  1. Nice pictures, basically liked the sports pictures and the snap before the university, thanks for sharing